What is theAA

What is AA. It’s incredible likely that you would have seen TheAA breakdown patrol bands around the country are on the street the UK. Big yellow vans with two black letters on the side of them saying AA the very hard to miss. But what is the AA? AA stands for automobile Association and the company has been operating for over a hundred years. It was first established in 1902 has been dealing with vehicles and road safety ever since then.

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Nowadays the AA is most famous for their breakdown service. They offer the U.K.’s biggest breakdown service. Protects over 2 million members and attend breakdown every seven seconds.

What is AA breakdown cover

It wasn’t long after your the advent of working automobiles that they be problems with them in the breakdown of the side of the road then you find that it’s very difficult to move the car that is broken and it’s exactly the same today if you have a car that weighs a couple of tonnes

Think about the problem of moving it as it’s got wheels and engine and you can drive. But in a breakdown situation you soon realise the it’s exceptionally hard to move a car without it being work in working order. This is usually way you panic and need the assistance of someone else and that is what the AA is for. If your car breaks down and you are a member you can call them and they will come and recover your vehicle. They also have specialist trained engineers who will come out to your car and attempt to fix it first and their conversion rate fixing vehicles sell road is actually very high.

The AA don’t just offer breakdown services they also offer car insurance and other services.