Vehicle Cover

If you’re unfamiliar with breakdown cover it can be a little confusing. But there’s nothing really to be afraid of it usually quite straightforward and the AA have probably the cleanest easy to understand website available when you buy breakdown cover stop

they also are very descriptive with all the options especially items level cover and also who is covered is one talk a little bit about who is covered here there are two types of membership the AA offer one is personalised membership. With personal membership it covers the actual person this means the person is covered in their car if they were to breakdown the AA would come and give them assistance it also means that the person is covered in any other car not only as a driver but as a passenger. So if there were in a car and the firm was driving on the brought down 200 miles away from home they could still receive assistance from the AA that is personal-based cover. This is also extended in joint cover and family-based membership if you have a personal-based membership.


the other type of cover the AA offer is vehicle-based cover. This is a title may suggest is AA breakdown cover but for your vehicle this means you get to choose a vehicle and its covered for anyone who drives it this does mean if you choose vehicle-based cover and you’re in your friends car and it breaks down you will not be covered. With vehicle-based membership it is just the one nominated vehicle that will be covered. Vehicle-based membership is therefore an option for people who it suits best

if you never in any other vehicles then vehicle-based membership probably makes sense for you.

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The other thing with vehicle-based membership is that it’s normally always cheaper. By default when you want the AA websites the membership that they choose for you is vehicle-based membership you can obviously changes to whichever one you prefer and there is no right and wrong in the situation simply pick the type of membership which is best going to suit you. If there is only one family vehicle and four members of the family and especially if none of these members a family ever drive or passengers in any of vehicle then it will be a huge saving to take out one vehicle-based membership for the family car rather than for personal-based memberships or even one family personal-based membership for the entire family. You can also choose more than one car for a vehicle-based membership. So the same situation arises but there are two cars in the family you can cover both cars on a vehicle-based membership as well.

Just as an example were going to have a look at the seven you can make on a joint membership versus one vehicle-based membership. Please do remember that it’s not always about getting the cheapest price for your breakdown cover you don’t want to be caught out end personal best membership means you are covered in any vehicle just with one vehicle-based membership there is the possibility that you could breakdown in someone else’s car who doesn’t have cover and then you’re going to be stuck there with that being said will look at the prices of joint membership for roadside and recovery for a joint membership versus the price for vehicle-based membership from the AA. If you’re getting joint membership for roadside assistance and national recovery it’s going to cost £140 for the joint membership however to have that for the vehicle it’s going to cost £80.

There are certain terms and conditions with vehicle-based membership. The vehicle can’t be over 10 years old and it must abide to their maximum regulations for weight and are dimensions such as length and width and height. But generally if you have a vehicle its considered a car rather than a boss truck are van that you should be covered but always make sure you check the terms and conditions on the AA website. One of the best and easiest ways to join theAA is through their website which is mobile friendly.