Silver Membership

AA silver memberships exist you may not have heard of them before I might not know anything about them so is going talk a little bit about what AA silver membership is what is the difference between that and the normal membership.

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In the most simple terms AA silver membership is it is enhanced breakdown cover the loyal members a special thanks to be loyal members of the AA for a long time they will give you a silver membership with that you get access to a range of enhanced breakdown cover deals. To know that you’re invited into a silver membership you get notice at your renewal. There is a fabulous selection of offers and prize giveaways to be entitled to a silver membership breakdown cover you need to be at least with the AA for a year typically between 1 to 4 years to get gold membership you need five years of cover with the

AA Silver Membership

so what exactly do you get with the AA silver membership will first get is an enhanced breakdown application for your phone which has petrol prices included on show you the five lowest prices for fuel in any given location it also has a parking feature which allows you to find the closest car parks which also displays details on the car park such as how much it costs and opening hours. These are the two additional things are getting the app as well as the standard features of the app which we’ve talked about before but to briefly touch on in the app you have a button to quickly contact the AA if you’ve broken down road watch and a reminder section to tell you when you renew will be up for notice.

You also get exclusive silver offers on Hertz car rental you get a free upgrade when you-then and you save 10% AA membership you also get free upgrades to travel with stellar line and discounts of their dining club and free car valuation. You get five extra free car valuations with a silver membership over normal membership. The membership costs are still the same with Normal, Silver or Gold memberships.