Roadside Relay

AA roadside relay is a breakdown service that they offer. In fact on their website it’s actually stated to be the popular bundle. To have breakdown cover that personal-based and out of all the options available is Roadside really. However if you go on the website and look you might not find that option. And that’s because the term roadside really is a little outdated amongst the AA. To understand what roadside relay actually means you need to know little bit about breakdown cover.

Roadside as the name might suggest is help at the side of the road and this is the most basic level cover it comes with every single type of cover the AA offer. You can set breakdown cover out with AA membership UK that doesn’t include Roadside assistance with your own personal membership are a vehicle-based membership the matter if you have the fully comprehensive all the bells and whistles membership are the very basic more simple membership it will have Roadside assistance.

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With roadside assistance if you find yourself in the unfortunate position of breaking down and we were in the UK providing that you not at your home address. Home cover is a different type of cover and not covered bad roadside assistance. If you do breakdown not your home address you can then use the AA breakdown cover simply contact them are you stare at of patrolman quite your vehicle try and fix at the side of the road. The AA are very efficient and the engineers are very well trained they currently have one the best success rates in breakdown cover get vehicle is moving again it’s around 80%. So 8/10 times that the AA called out to the road side they will repair the vehicle and get the person on their way again.

AA Roadside Relay

Now in the occasions where your vehicle can’t be repaired will be given a local tour so if you breakdown in Manchester you live in London can’t be arsed to be taken back to London you can be taken to a safe space all garage in Manchester. Some people this won’t be a problem for some people well and it all depends on the situation as well. If it’s at night it could be different the garages could be closed so you have your car taken to a garage and then after either work out other travel arrangements for yourself or stay in a hotel perhaps a friends that you know in Manchester.

So the next obvious service that the AA offer is the recovery service which will take you if your vehicle can’t be repaired in the breakdown situation and up to 7 other passengers to any destination of your choice so again the same situation if you brought down in Manchester you can even be asked to take back to London or to your original destination it’s completely up to you. The relay service is the recovery service. The AA used to say roadside and really was the service the term really is not as self-explanatory as the term recovery so that the AA change the roadside relay name to roadside and recovery. It’s the same service and if you looking for roadside really roadside recovery is what you want.