Roadside Assistance

AA roadside assistance is the most basic level of cover from the AA. If you have any type of breakdown cover from the AA it’s always going to include roadside assistance. Roadside assistance comes as standard no matter what level of cover you choose.

Now you understand that that quickly talk about what exactly you get when you take out a cover and you get roadside assistance.

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Roadside assistance is really stated is the most basic level of cover it means if you are more than quarter of a mile away from your registered home address and happen to breakdown and the AA will gladly come to your assistance once they have been notified of the breakdown. Once they find you providing that you more than quarter of a mile away from your home they will attempt to repair your car and get you moving on the road again. The AA have some of the best conversion rates for repairing cars at the side of the road. The currently recover 8/10 cars at the roadside. The AA use the most sophisticated diagnostic machines to talk directly to any modern car to try and diagnose any problems with the engine or anything monitored by the computer within your car. The innovation and training these to some of the best success rates for getting you going again.

You might be wondering what happens if your vehicle can’t be repaired where is the breakdown site. If in that case and you only have the most basic level of cover then the AA will tow you and your vehicle to a nearby garage.

Please not that says nearby garage a lot of people totally miss that it says you’ll be taken to a nearby garage and think of the vehicle can’t be repaired at the side of the road then there will be taken home or to the local garage that they know near the home address. This in fact isn’t the case with this level of breakdown cover. trust be as competitive as they can with their pricing structure and with the most basic level of cover you will only receive a local tow. So for example if your 200 miles away from home and you breakdown see live in Manchester and you breakdown in Essex and the cat picture car you can’t then be asked be taken back to Manchester. You will be in fact taken to a local garage in Essex.

AA Roadside Assistance

If you need the option of been taken to any UK destination of your choice if you’re in a breakdown situation then you will need the recovery service. Roadside assistance is the most basic level of cover and it covers you for a local tour if you car can’t be repaired but also you will receive assistance and your car will be attempt to be repaired at the side the road. There are in fact to different types of basic membership you can take out you can take out a breakdown membership or basic breakdown cover. Both of them are just the roadside assistance to you’ll be covered 24 hours a day seven days a week 365 dates year but when you more than quarter mile away from home. The only differences with basic level of cover it 7 pounds cheaper but you are limited to 2 callouts a year and you don’t get some of the other perks you get with a full membership such as free fuel top ups of a breakdown situation modern snow recovery and 5 pounds worth of free parts at the side of the road if you do breakdown. Also you get the membership card which you can get 20% off over 700 restaurants pubs and service stations. The also do routinely offer free upgrades such as free home start which is also only available with the full AA membership. There is of course vehicle-based rate down cover as well which is different from the personal-based cover and you can get that just include roadside assistance from the AA also. More information regarding what vehicle-based breakdown cover offers you can read our article here on vehicle-based breakdown cover from the AA.