AA prices change and vary dramatically not only did a change quite consistently according to market variations. But they also change dependent upon what level of cover you want and who you want to be covered. Even if you take out the same cover last year as this year it might cost more and less because breakdown cover is extremely competitive and everyone wants to try and provide an excellent service for the cheapest price they can. AA breakdown cover prices can vary from anywhere at the time of writing this article from £28-£230 quite a considerable difference. Not only is there a difference in the price is also difference in what you get a service.

Breakdown Cover Price
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There is also a slightly different option to AA breakdown cover that can influence price. The most simple level cover is Roadside assistance. Which I’m sure you’re aware entitles you to have one of the AA is excellent patrolman come out to your if you report a breakdown situation. There are stipulations to this but provided your vehicle is within the stipulated weight and length and you paid further your membership and you only have to be more than quarter mile away from your home address. If you let your address you would receive it you need home start service which is again a service would increase the AA cover price. Okay so that’s a very very brief explanation of roadside assistance and for a vehicle-based membership you can get this for £35 which is one the cheapest options AA offer however they do have another way to save money but it’s not the equivalent service you can ask the basic breakdown cover. So it’s the same level of cover on roadside you only get two callouts per year and also not entitled to other benefits a fully fledged member would have. Both these basic breakdown cover £28 and the AA standard roadside assistance a 5 pounds for a single vehicle. You can customise £28 membership to have any other services.

AA Membership Costs

When you go to buy a breakdown cover from the website they have the current prices which remember do change due to what’s happening in the market. In a easy to understand table and grid format we can see that roadside assistance for personal-based cover cost you £50 if you want to take out with national recovery is gonna cost £100 and if you want to have on would cover national recovery on roadside a consistent it’s gonna cost hundred £35. The also shown here any offers that are currently available as well as what is the most popular bundle.

This is fantastic way showing the prices really simplifies the joining process however you can tautly customise your breakdown cover by creating your own cover if you want different aspects of cover that can only be selected from custom building it there’s the option to build it yourself. Clicking on the button opens a new window. We can first of all select who the cover is far if it for yourself to people family or for a vehicle breakdown cover. AA breakdown cover price is updated top of the screen in real time. So when you add or remove different parts of breakdown cover it will automatically display the current price at the top of the screen. You can also adjust how you pay for the breakdown cover whether you want to pay for it in a one-off fee which is the default payment the preferred method of paying for breakdown cover or you can choose to pay monthly. The price of a cover if you choose to pay monthly will however increase the total you will pay through the years cover.

For those of you wondering if you need breakdown cover are what the price of a membership is if you join a breakdown situation it’s going to cost more. The price for joining if you are readying a breakdown and depending on what needs to be done to your car if you need to be toured you can pay more as well.

The examples given on this page the price are rough examples may not actually be the current prices on the AA website is provided as stated they do change frequently.