National Recovery

AA National recovery means that you can have your vehicle recovered and taken to any UK destination of your choice.

You might not be aware that with the most basic entry-level of breakdown cover the roadside assistance you are only limited to a local tour if your vehicle cannot be repaired. This means just with the basic level of cover if you’re in a breakdown situation and are more than quarter of a mile away from your home breakdown assistance will come to your location and attempt to repair your car seen if it can’t be repaired you be given a local tour you up to 7 passengers for around about 10 miles in this situation for example if you live in London and I visited Manchester and happen to breakdown in Manchester and your vehicle can’t be repaired you need to be toured you was still stuck in Manchester at the garage there. This can be incredibly inconvenient as you can imagine especially if it’s outside of working hours for a garage. You could possibly completely stuck and need to get a Hotel or pay for cover private transport to a location you can stay overnight.

AA National Recovery

However if you have the national recovery service from the AA Break Down you can be toured to any destination of your choice so in the past example if you brought down in Manchester and you are unable to get your vehicle started again you could just be taken back to your home address or a local garage that you know near your home address or even to your original destination in Manchester. In fact it’s up to you can tailor where you be taken.

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You might be wondering what happens if you have quite a few passengers today to make their own way of back to London? The AA will take you and your vehicle and up to 7 passengers to the destination you choose. There is not extra charge at all for the mileage as long as you are have national recovery service.

If however you do breakdown and you don’t have a national recovery service and you do us for a tow to a destination such as London if you didn’t Manchester are lived in London and brought down in Manchester like situation then you would have to pay per mile for the tour.

As you can imagine the importance of having national recovery depends on type of distances that you travel. If you only ever travel to the shops and back to your home or really small distances. Like never leaving your town or village and you might not even need national recovery from the AA. If you only cover a very small distance then it’s more than likely if you need to be toured they will take you back on.

Contrary to that example if you’re travelling long distances all the time then you increase the risk that you going to be broken down in the distance greater than the local tow would allow. So if you’re travelling around the country an awful lot to destinations far away from your home address it may be more the priority to get national recovery.

You can also add national recovery to join and family memberships and everyone memberships will receive the benefit.