Membership Costs

How much does it cost to join AA? AA membership costs are probably going to be one your top priorities and concerns when joining there a. And it isn’t always straightforward and simple the cost the AA membership varies dramatically. It depends on what level of cover you want to have and also who is going to be covered on breakdown cover.

AA Membership Costs

Very cheapest you can get a membership far is £28 but this is like a cutdown version of their most basic level of breakdown cover. With the most basic level of breakdown cover is sure you are aware if you’ve ever been a member of the AA before you get roadside assistance. To get just basic roadside assistance it’s going to cost you around £35 this means that if you’re in a breakdown situation not your home address then AA patrol man will come out to vehicle and trying repair it at the side of the road. You receive the normal AA service you also get unlimited callouts and what they call themselves a no quibble service so if there’s any small cost of repairs side of the road such as using and not bolt are filling up with a little bit of petrol you want have to pay for that the this no quibble is with the basic level of cover. However if you do actually go for the basic level of cover not just the normal cover roadside assistance for if I pounds but the £28 most basic level of cover you will be limited to just two callouts per year and you will have to pay far everything saw in the example where you got petrol for free with roadside assistance you would have to pay for the petrol if you just got the most basic level of cover that the AA offer. Also on entitled to full membership benefits that you would get if you are gonna pay for the full breakdown cover. Membership benefits like discounts are AA collaborative companies.

Breakdown Cover Price
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Level of Cover: Roadside Who's Covered: Personal (single)
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Onward Travel Vehicle

So that’s the cheapest you can get an AA membership. The cost of a membership also increases if you need the services.

What the cover there at the cheapest level of cover is just roadside assistance and you don’t have help if you’re in a breakdown situation at your home and also only get a local toll if your vehicle can’t be fixed side of the road. A lot of people the cost of home start our recovery is well worth it all depends on personal circumstance. Before continue about actual prices it’s worth noting that the AA membership costs constantly change they try and offer the most affordable price possible is a lot of competition in the breakdown market so you need to keep your pricing structure competitive. However will have a look at some example prices so you could get personal-based membership just roadside assistance with £50 and if you wanted national recovery online as well it would cost you hundred pounds and itself home start added on there as well it would cost you hundred £35 this is personal best membership and it usually costs a little bit more some personal best membership that it would to have vehicle-based membership. That’s because personal-based membership you are covered in any car driver or passenger so the AA cost of that membership is a little bit more because your more thoroughly protected as opposed to just vehicle membership which does cost less.

AA membership costs will also increase if you include onward travel of parts and labour.

The cost of whose covered with AA

the other thing is going to affect you AA membership cost is who is covered but this also some savings to be made here is a spoke about on the previous example if you wanted breakdown assistance that included roadside assistance national recovery and at home it’s going to cost you around hundred £35 for a single person on a personal best membership. The cost of membership for two people with therefore cost £270. But you can make a great discount on your membership cost by taking out one joint membership instead of having to separate personal-based memberships. Cost breakdown will come to a roundabout hundred £90. As always and stipulate before the AA membership cost prices will change periodically so don’t go of these prices is gospel look at the prices on our charts which are up-to-date and you can see above and also the prices on the AA website will be up-to-date. To get the best deal for your membership costs it’s worth going to their website and looking online you’ll automatically take advantage of their online discount they offer them run offers and deals online for anyone wanting to join the AA. Read this article to compare AA or RAC breakdown cover