Joint Cover

An AA joint membership can be a fantastic way of making a saving on your wallet whilst retaining the same excellent service that would cost more if you were take out two single memberships.

AA cover UK is a premium breakdown organisation and is often seen as the most recognisable branded breakdown cover and also the most recognisable brands in all business in the UK. The used to refer to themselves in television advertising is the fourth emergency service. They been providing breakdown assistance for a very long time the company was formed over a hundred years ago and has millions of members. They attend millions of breakdowns every single year and have an exceptionally high satisfaction rate with other expertise and customer relationships they have understood that the market demands for varying levels of breakdown cover which will be reflected in the price if you need fully comprehensive cover is going to be a certain price if you don’t need all those aspects of the cover you can remove them and make a saving.

AA Joint Cover


Another way that they like to make savings by rewarding loyal customers and that is reflected in their joint breakdown cover and their family-based breakdown cover service. If you have more than one member in the same household you can actually get a joint membership which will save money over to single memberships. There are a lot of people who actually miss the opportunity and just renew two memberships per two people within the same home without thinking about getting them put on to one membership the savings they will make. The savings can be quite considerable especially if you’re getting fully comprehensive breakdown cover. If you have multiple memberships are ready in the same household you may think that it’s going to be awkward to try and merge them onto one membership it shouldn’t be difficult at all you can simply add the second person onto the first person’s membership which ever one expires first or you can give them a ring and they will help you set the two memberships up into a gent joint membership.

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With a joint AA membership you do need to be at the same address though so you can to people living at separate addresses on one joint membership. If you have more than two people living at the same address you can make additional savings by getting a family membership. But for this page were going to concentrate just on joint memberships. There is also the other option of having vehicle-based membership breakdown cover but it might not be appropriate depends on situation. Just remember with vehicle-based membership you have one nominated vehicle that is covered in the breakdown for anyone driving it which is great if you and the other person who you want to get covered is only ever in that vehicle and you don’t require any cover if your passenger in any other vehicles. Personal cover covers the person and that is what is offered with a joint membership it’s personal-based cover.

Just cut so you can see the savings that you can get from AA joint membership make a little comparison for two personal memberships with roadside assistance recovery and home start it’s going to cost you £100. So for two people to take out that level of cover it will cost £200. However if both the members get the same level of cover on a joint membership will cost hundred and £40.07 you over £60.

It definitely pays to take a joint membership if you have two separate memberships living in the same address you make substantial saving and get the same service. Both members are entitled to the same level of cover and all the other perks of been AA member.