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So you’re thinking about joining the AA. There are many different ways to join theAA. But first you might want to know a few more things about the AA before you pull the trigger make the commitment to buying rate down cover.

I’m sure you’re aware and have heard of the AA before they are one of the most recognised brands in the UK they have over 1000 dedicated vehicles as patrol vans which is more than any other breakdown organisation. A lot of breakdown organisations especially ones which are considered budget breakdown organisations don’t even have their own dedicated patrol vans. They use local mechanics instead with the AA if you are going to join you know that everyone who is going to attend the breakdown is highly monitored and part of the actual AA breakdown organisation itself.

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There is also a lot of options available in different types of breakdown cover to consider before you join the AA. The different levels of cover and who you need covered have to be considered before you join the AA you don’t want to pay too much for breakdown cover that offers too much protection that you not going to use and then again you don’t be in the other position which would be far worse which would be to cart out in a breakdown situation without the appropriate level of cover. So in that case it’s very helpful to understand the different levels of breakdown cover such as the basic roadside assistance and every level of cover comes with that you can have additional levels of cover when you join AA such as home start. Without home start obviously are not covered at your home address in a breakdown situation. Can also decide if you want national recovery service which means you can be taken to any destination UK if you have a breakdown in the cat get started again.

Join the AA

You can also choose who you want the cover for you can either choose personal vehicle-based memberships and then if you choose personal memberships you can extended to more than one member of the family.

On the AA website if that’s how you choose to join which is usually beneficial as you will receive their online discount and it’s a very seamless and fast experienced by breakdown cover and join a using their website.

If you join a online you’ll see the most popular options available and the prices of the cover and also which options are popular for people who are joining in case you not sure.

If you’re on a very tight budget they also offer a level membership which had an offer a few years ago which is basic breakdown cover which isn’t to become fused with just the basic most basic level of breakdown cover it’s like a basic membership not the same as a full membership. For example, most basic level of breakdown cover you only good be covered for two callouts a year and you don’t receive the other member benefits that you would a full membership such as free petrol if you breakdown in a breakdown situation because you are petrol they would just provide you with a little bit of fuel enough to get to the garage at no extra cost but with the most basic level of cover you want get that kind of service the difference between the two packages about 7 pounds but the more information you can find out the basic level of breakdown cover here.

A lot people often wonder about AA offers and deals that there can provide you with. Can you actually get a discount on breakdown cover? Well period a clear the AA do run offers which can decrease the price of joining. Unfortunately there’s no way to dictate our know when these offers are going to start or end. But to guarantee you get the best price possible you should always go online and join the AA through their website. Any offers that they currently do will also be included on the website when you go to join up. For instance if they offer for free home start then it will say on the website as you are about to join that you get home start for free.

AA join can be done seamlessly on their website another feature I really like about joining the website is fact you can have instant support chat right there on the website. On the right hand side there is a little yellow top that if you click will bring a chat out and allow you to message much in the same way you could use Skype or MSN messenger with someone at the AA support. This means you want me on the phone waiting for someone to answer the call if you got a question you don’t need to dial’s click single button and you their free to the support system. There may be a slight waiting time involved but it’s a far faster and perhaps more user-friendly way of speaking to someone if you need help or support.


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before you join the AA and take out your breakdown cover you probably are have a set budget amount in your head that you willing to spend on cover. As previously mentioned the AA do offer many different types breakdown cover which will tailor the service you get off also influence price. If you find yourself in a situation where you really want to join and have a specific level of cover you want but it’s a bit outside your budget the AA do offer option of joining bimonthly payments. Do usually have to pay a little bit more throughout the year if you choose to pay monthly as the AA will get their money upfront and to in instalments to a company that one in the morning.