Family Breakdown

The AA U.K.’s largest breakdown organisation and its easily one of the most recognised brands. People generally feel safe when they have a breakdown cover.

Nothing is more important than family. If family safety is probably paramount on the list of important drivers practice within your life. Having security knowing that your family is well protected the matter what life may throw at them can be tremendously satisfying.
AA Family Breakdown Cover

So it therefore makes sense that you might want to have your entire family covered with a breakdown cover. Full of people this might mean simply take out breakdown cover for every member of the family. However as breakdown cover isn’t the most cheapest of purchases it can soon add up. Especially if you’re going for a fully comprehensive level of cover for people you could be end up playing nearly £1000.

Thankfully theAA recognise that and they reward customer loyalty and there is a way of getting a breakdown cover for your entire family from much cheaper price.

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It’s surprising how many people are unaware that you can have multiple people join on one breakdown membership. If there just to view within the same household you can both join on a joint membership however if there is more than two people you have to get a family membership. As limitations on family membership to you are only allowed up to 4 other people

so for example if you have a family and you want breakdown cover and there is for the living the same address you could either get individual memberships for each member of the family and it would cost anywhere in the region from £120-£1000 however with joint membership it can cost anywhere in the region of £100-£500. This is entirely depends on what level of cover you want to provide for your whole family.

This also vehicle-based membership which you could consider but it may not be appropriate for every situation. If you want to get one vehicle covered for the household then you would obviously save a lot of money over taking out individual memberships are even getting a family membership. However with vehicle-based membership is the vehicle its covered so if you had one family vehicle that you are always in between the family that you shared it may work out a lot cheaper but you will lose the added protection of being covered as a passenger in any case that you get with personal-based breakdown membership.

Typically family cover offers the best value if there is free for people living in the same address

in a scenario where five people are living in the same address you may not build to get family breakdown cover as a limitation is for but it’s still worth getting family breakdown cover for four people and a single membership for the remaining person this will save a lot of money on the premium over taking out five single memberships. The same can be said again there are six of you living in that same household it’s a lot more cost-effective to take out one family membership and one joint membership over taking out six individual personal-based memberships.

Also as you may have are realised to be covered with family membership all have to be living at the same address. So if you have a family member who is that University are living another dress they can no longer be on the family membership account.

The thing you need to consider is what level of cover is going to cover specific members. Do any of the members of the family require additional levels of cover are less level of cover then other people this could change dynamic a little bit as what would be the most cost-effective way of taking out breakdown cover for example if you have four members in the family and you want breakdown cover and three members of the family only required the most basic roadside assistance they don’t require a recovery service home start service or onward travel. But you have one member of family does want all those levels of cover getting the fully comprehensive cover from the AA. It’s going to cost a lot of money to have fully comprehensive cover for free people who don’t need it in that scenario it might be worth having the free members who want the most basic level of cover on a single membership and having the other member of family who want fully comprehensive cover and a membership on their own will promise to work out cheaper breakdown cover this way then it would be to upgrade the membership one of the free people don’t need that level of cover.

If you switch the scenario and three members of the family require fully comprehensive breakdown cover and one memory family doesn’t it’s published a going to be more cost-effective to have the fourth member of family included with fully comprehensive cover it also means that they get fully conference of cover for less than it would be to take a single membership. Obviously the AAs prices are subject to change at all times and you should check what would be the best deal for the members of your family.

As is for people taking out the membership price will reflect that it’s important to get the right level of cover that is going to be appropriate you don’t paint to watch or getting to little cover so if you are unaware of the types of cover the AA offer it’s worth checking exactly what your family will be covered for in a breakdown situation.

You have the choice of having your family covered for just roadside assistance which means there going to be covered if the morning quarter of a mile away from your home in the event of a breakdown situation engineer will come out to them and attempt to repair the vehicle at the side of the road if it cannot be repaired there will be taken to a nearby local garage safe spots or to the home address provided it’s no further than approximately 10 miles. You would need a recovery service (formally relay service) if you want to be towed anywhere further in that also not covered at your home address if you only have the most basic level of cover these are all things that you need to consider when buying breakdown cover for your family. Can find out more information about the different levels of cover on this website.