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The AA offer a tremendous service there one of the biggest breakdown organisations but yet still managed to cater for most people no matter what their budget is. There is a misconception that you pay extra amounts of money to have AA breakdown cover but it’s not always the case. The pricing is actually very competitive and depending on the type of cover you can get breakdown cover for yourself for around £30.

TheAA constantly trying cater for everybody and their recently brought out an even cheaper level of breakdown cover for people who still one AA breakdown cover but are on a very tight budget. They now offer an option that they called basic breakdown cover. Now you need to distinguish between this option, but it basic breakdown cover and there most the stripped down version of breakdown cover for a full member because there is a difference.

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Roadside assistance is the most strict down level of the AA cover it’s the one that allows you to just call patrolman but you want bills to life your home address and you can’t be taken to anywhere in the country only get a local recovery service you will be taken to destination of your choice so that’s basic roadside assistance. The AA offer this but in are not is slightly more stripped down version which they call a basic cover and it’s like being with the AA without the full membership. The vehicle-based roadside assistance you can join the £35 but if you want the absolute minimum which is the basic breakdown cover you can pay £28 you receive the same roadside assistance but you do lose a few other aspects of the colour. If you pay the full £35 the roadside assistance on the bit breakdown membership then you are entitled to unlimited callouts on the basic cover you only are entitled to 2 callouts per year that will be a dealbreaker for some people and the second 7 pounds you have to weigh up the options yourself and see whether it’s worth it and which ones more suitable to you. This also other differences with the full a membership £35 also get what they call nor quibble approach. So for example if you brought down and you petrol AA give you enough petrol to get to the nearest garage and they won’t charge you for it on the most basic level of cover the really strip down one you going to have to pay for every little thing in a breakdown situation including petrol. This includes 5 pounds worth of three parts roadside repairs well. With the full membership get up to 5 pounds worth of three parts but with stripped down Brit-based membership you have to pay for everything. They also don’t go into a lot of depth but the say modern snow recovery is available on the full membership and it’s not mentioned in the basic stripped down membership so you may not be entitles that and you would have to speak to them to see what their current term and conditions is regarding that as its new level of cover and is likely to get change while they find out exactly what it is that they should be charging for what service.

AA basic cover

You also this benefits of being a full AA member and getting up to 20% off all day every day seven restaurants pubs and service stations and other AA involved businesses.

The AA a foot to the customer base and decided that there are things they can do to offer breakdown cover to people on the tightest of budgets. You might not get all the bells and whistles as the full AA membership but it does extend the option to people who are on a tight budget and it’s definitely something worth considering especially if you have no breakdown cover at all.