When it comes to picking the right breakdown organisation for you it might be a little bit overwhelming. Over the past few years despite the enormous amount of companies that are offering rival breakdown cover to spend big brands. Whether these services offer a like-for-like service is questionable and they may not offer exactly what you need and what you might be familiar with if you get breakdown cover from a bigger brand.

No matter who you decide to go with breakdown cover this to companies that thought out cross your mind when you think about your options. These two companies other two largest breakdown company’s UK and have been established for over a hundred years and are some of the most recognised brands in the country. Each of them have their own dedicated branded patrol vehicles and we are of course talking about the AA and the RAC.

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So a lot of people when you think about breakdown cover will immediately think struggle with the AA or the RAC. So we discussed a little comparison to see exactly what the similarities and what the differences are between both the AA and the RAC.

As mentioned before both these companies have been around for around hundred years. The AA which stands for the automobile Association which was founded in 1905. It did become a private limited company in 1999 and expanded its operations from just offering breakdown cover now offering insurance driving lessons launch small and advice as well as breakdown cover. In 2007 the Amerge was saga group was listed on the London stock exchange in 2014. The RAC is on by private equity firm Carlyle group and offers other services that roadside assistance such as general insurance and motoring services. RAC stands for the Royal automobile club and was founded in 1901. Which means exactly 4 years older than the AA when it was incorporated. It was officially incorporated as the RAC motoring services Ltd in 1978.


Number of patrols

RAC has around 2000 patrols attempt to around 2.8 million breakdowns each year. The RAC has 7 million roadside customers two points with loads will be individual members and 4.5 our corporate customers. The RAC offer breakdown cover UK as well as European breakdown cover 47 European countries. The RAC have more patrols per member than any other service and this one the selling points they have on their website. The idea behind that is that they have more dedicated patrols per person saw in the event of a breakdown should be able to attend to you faster. That’s the theory behind it. The AA do have more patrols in any breakdown service they have more than 2000 and they tend to break down every nine seconds repairing for out of five cars at the roadside.

Both service offer priority recovery. So if you’re in a more vulnerable position where you broken down you will be prioritised over other people were broken down in less formidable positions.


this is probably one of the most sought-after comparisons for the AA or RAC. For some people the price is the most important factor. And maybe misconception is that one companies a lot more expensive than the other. Both of them are extremely competitive with each other and offer breakdown services for a variety of prices. Both of their breakdown packages can be scaled either adding or removing different parts breakdown cover for a custom-made price. A lot situations the prices are very similar although the best thing that I could recommend is to use our tool to compare the prices between the two for the type of breakdown cover you want.