Vehicle Based Cover

Everybody has a different understanding of breakdown cover. As a anything experience is the key to knowing what to do. If you never use breakdown cover before you might not know what you’re entitled to what exactly are covered for or how things work in a breakdown situation. And that’s will also quite a little bit not the situations themselves but do you know exactly what you’re covered for and can be choosing that level of breakdown cover by type of breakdown cover that might suit you need a lot of it better.

RAC Breakdown Recovery in my opinion probably off the most flexible type of breakdown cover available not only do they offer a wide variety of cover from basic roadside assistance to full parts and labour cover for any costs of mechanical repair your vehicle in a breakdown situation. They also offer multicar breakdown cover personal breakdown cover or vehicle-based cover. And what I want to talk about here is vehicle-based breakdown cover.

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To understand vehicle breakdown cover little bit better first Wanna talk about counterpart which is personal breakdown cover. Personal breakdown cover covers the nominated person in any vehicle as a driver or passenger. There are a couple of conditions this though it must be non-commercial vehicles and that’s about it. This alone is a little bit some of breakdown service providers. Other breakdown service providers that can offer breakdown cheaper price cut a few corners to do so. With the RAC you covered with personal cover in any vehicle as a driver or passenger. I’ve seen other providers so you covered as a driver in any car and as a passenger as long as you own the vehicle. That is a huge difference been a passenger in any car. With the RAC if you breakdown or you have one your children breakdown in their friends car they covered but with the other cheaper breakdown cover is not covered unless you own car. So this is personal-based breakdown cover works the person.

RAC Vehicle Based Cover

Vehicle breakdown cover then is as the name suggests cover for a specific nominated vehicle. Usually this would be your car and then if that car breaks down it’s covered. So regardless of who is driving the car whether it be you the policy owner or your spouse or friend and it breaks down it were covered and they can receive breakdown cover.

So there the fundamental differences between personal and vehicle-based breakdown cover another difference that you may be very interested in is that vehicle-based breakdown cover is cheaper.

There are a few stipulations for vehicle-based breakdown cover you car can’t the way of or 3.5 tonnes and has a max length of 5.5 m including a tow bar. But if you driving normal consumer vehicle you can fit within those limitations. Also unlike other companies the quote what change dependent on the year of the vehicle. As seen other companies personalise acquire any given all the car it’s gonna cost more. I love the simplicity of RAC’s website you can see exactly how much it’s come across for your level of cover whether you pick personal vehicle-based breakdown cover. I also think there’s no age restrictions on this and all of a breakdown, as long cover your vehicle if it’s less than 10 years old just looking at the RAC website right now and that doesn’t appear to be any stipulations about the age of the car but make sure you do have a look yourself when it comes time of signing up. You should always check for the best RAC deals before you renew or sign up for the first time.

And there is one other really unique feature the RAC offer I’ve not seen any of breakdown service provider offer and that’s multicar breakdown cover. If you Wanna see why this is so useful you could do a little experiment it’s very quick to follow on the RAC website. Pick level of cover let’s say roadside recovery and home start. For me right now that’s £122 so if you want to get to vehicles cover you would expect it’s gonna cost £244. Well you can take out two single policies one for either car you can save a lot of money if you take out multicar breakdown cover. You can to vehicles on the same policy sofa do that the price is £172. That means it’s only £50 more. See one save £72 by doing away.

This is in principle in taking out personal-based breakdown cover if you prefer to have personal-based breakdown cover and have more than one person the same house you can go on say membership in yourself a lot of money.

I hope that shed a little bit light on RAC vehicle-based breakdown cover and hopefully just a few steps you can save a little bit of money.