What is RAC roadside assistance? If you’re asking yourself this question you no doubt considering taking out RAC breakdown cover but a little bit unsure as to what type of cover should be taking what type of cover entitles you to what for a breakdown situation.

There are a lot of breakdown companies choose from and the RAC and the AA are the two largest UK breakdown organisations they have by far the largest share of customers and that the two largest fleets. Quite a few differences between the AA and the RAC. Perhaps the most publicised by the RAC is that the RAC have more patrols per member than any other breakdown organisation. Which roughly translates to this more people to rescue you dedicated to coming to in a breakdown situation per member so in theory you should receive faster breakdown service. On average the RAC will quite to you within 40 minutes of breaking down the do fix 8/10 cars side the road. The five star rating with defacto and are seen as one of the premier breakdown services that innovate technologies.

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But for this article which is can focus RAC roadside assistance and exactly what you’re entitled to if you take out the roadside assistance. When you take RAC breakdown cover you have quite a wide selection of what exactly can be covered for. The don’t do this to be get complicated to do it’s a leaking off your breakdown service a competitive price. To give you many options for breakdown cover so that if you don’t need a particular time you don’t need to include and get it cheaper. Roadside assistance is the most basic level of cover that the RAC offer no matter what type of cover you have always going to have Roadside assistance this is the basic membership means that you can receive assistance from a RAC patrolman. There are a few things need to know about roadside assistance.

RAC Roadside Assistance

For example perhaps the biggest one is that you need to be more than quarter of a mile away from your home address. One in four winter breakdowns happen at the home address and because it’s so frequent the RAC do have to charge more for service at your home address seen to decide whether or not you need it if you don’t roadside assistance would be the before you make a decision imagine what you do in the morning if you car can’t start flat batteries one the most common reasons why vehicle want start in the morning imagine what you do the work and if it would matter if you will a are can make in and also if if the sonorities be in the morning such as taking the kids to school. If you do think you would like breakdown cover at home you would need the RAC’s home start option

So with roadside assistance if you are more than quarter mile away from home and you breakdown you can contact the RAC is if you are doing this you can phone them directly or as you said before the RAC are great innovators and technology you can actually use your smart phone and this happened smart phone to contact the RAC and it will give you a precise geographical location to them so there’s no confusion as to where you are in a breakdown. After you have given the RAC your location doesn’t patrol man out to. You mention the situations okay that you are fine and then attempt to repair your vehicle anything might you run out of petrol or any minor parts the RAC will just cover that cost the you going again. As we said the RAC do have a really good conversion rates get people started again 8/10 cars at the roadside. Now just roadside assistance if your vehicle can’t be recovered you be given a local tow. This means with taken to a garage within the local area. So for example if you live in Manchester but you’re in London you will be taken back on to Manchester you still be in London. A lot of people are unaware that difficulty don’t get fixed the moving be recovered and taken to anywhere they want within the UK that you need the recovery service from the RAC. Just remmeber that there are a large amount of varying degrees of breakdown cover that the RAC offer including European breakdown cover.

Publicly things up on what roadside assistance entitles you to. And any extras you might need the breakdown cover. Once you only have the correct level cover you can then consider what type of cover you want vehicle or personal best membership and if you got personal best membership you can make really good savings by quite the RAC joint breakdown cover or Family RAC cover. In fact very dramatic saving is or you can try multi car breakdown cover if you want to have vehicle-based membership. Roadside assistance is available for both vehicle and personal-based memberships.