Parts and Labour

The reasons for why a car breaks down varies dramatically. Depending on the type of car you have and age is definitely a correlation in frequency of breaking down. All the cars do tend to breakdown more often. Any mechanical device as moving parts and it will eventually succumb to wear and tear and fail. There’s no way around this. Spare that in mind as you car ages it will become less reliable. There are certain measures you can take to try and preserve your car make sure that its can function be reliable for long as possible. One of those things is to make sure you keep it serviced and as soon as anything seems to go only car get it checked fix.let it develop into something else. However don’t let this little bit of information for you away from the truth that even new cars breakdown. You might think because you go Newcastle matters breakdowns you don’t need breakdown cover. Even from first-hand experience and know that new cars can breakdown to. May she still cover even if you have a new car.

Now the AA and the RAC car breakdown both publish reports about the most frequent reasons people breakdown and most frequent times. The most frequent reason is flat batteries during wintertime. Luckily you can have RAC battery cover but what will talk about here really is parts and labour from the RAC.

RAC Parts and Labour cover

You might not be entirely sure what parts and labour cover is and that’s okay. It’s not traditionally one of the fundamentals parts of cover the RAC offer. In fact it’s only been around for the last 15 or maybe 20 years out of the hundred year history of the RAC. It’s an add-on part of breakdown cover. So if your vehicle does breakdown and it needs to be repaired garage the RAC will pay the repair bill up to £750. This can make tremendous difference if something like you have head gasket go you gearbox fails. And the bill is likely going to be around £1000 the RAC will pay £750 of it for you. And you pay the other £250.

They must actually change from parts and labour and it’s known as garage parts and labour. You don’t have to pay an excess either if you going to use parts and labour which is fantastic this means in a situation where said a repair bill is gonna be £500 you don’t have to pay the first 100 or any part of excess that you would if it was making a insurance claim from a road traffic accident with your insurer. In this case if it’s £500 the RAC would pay the £500 out the £750 that you can make for a claim. That’s particularly generous in most insurance situations. If you have onward travel you can also get an RAC courtesy car for unto 3 days. Make sure you check the terms and conditions to see if you are eligible.

If you gone the RAC website which you should you will find the up-to-date terms and conditions of the garage parts and labour every we discussed here is in there and accurately time of writing it but everything is subject to change. At the moment if you going to have garage parts and labour then you do need to have a recovery service as well. You can have garage parts and labour with the RAC if you just have Roadside assistance or roadside assistance and home start you need to have the national recovery option.

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There are a few stipulations though for your car it has to be serviced by a VAT registered garage within 12 months of the time of making a claim. That should be normal for most people. That also is a delay you can’t make a claim within the first 14 days of having the policy. This is obviously different if you just automatically renew each year. This is to try and discourage people from just taking out the cover for pre-existing conditions. You have to have cover first and then reclaim on it that’s why is a 14 day delay. Also and this is very important it doesn’t claim things are caused by wearing tear. So for example if you have a breakdown because your tyre tears but you let it wear down then you will build to have a new tyre paid for. Your tyres will not be covered there just going generally degrade with time through general wear and tear.

If you gone the RAC website you can also have a bit more information software why you need garage parts and labour and why it’s important. The just tell you in a breakdown situation is quite frequent that you have to pay or require parts with the roadside are a local garage. This is likely going to result in a repair bill and garage parts and labour would pay flat fee of £750. So what’s the cost of garage parts and labour you can get it for £82.99 per vehicle. You also need to use RAC approved garages to carry out the repair and you can also use it five times a year per membership.