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RAC breakdown cover UK is one the most diverse and popular breakdown assistance providers in the country. It’s one the most trusted recognise brands and they have more patrols per member than any other breakdown organisation. They have a lot patrol vehicles eye on the road which means you going to see him quite a lot and it’s one the most recognised brands especially for breakdown cover. With this comes the way that you going to pay a little bit extra premium or a lot more premium for a service that you get elsewhere for a lot cheaper. Well that’s not necessarily true in the RAC are continually trying to do new things within the company to reduce the price to the members while still ups holding their premium breakdown service.

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Knowing all the options that the RAC offer can be very useful when trying to get the service that you need for the cheapest price possible. Because they offer a lot of options the may be different ways of having the same amount of cover the different amounts of people are varying prices with the RAC.

RAC Family Breakdown Cover

One the best ways of saving money is with RAC’s family breakdown cover. This is finally known as family breakdown cover and is on their website now as household cover. Again just be changing the name of the type of cover makes a little bit more clear. As family cover may leave you to believe that anyone in your family can be covered with household cover makes it look more simple molecular anyone in that household can be covered. Why would you want family cover? Why would you want household cover?

As a before this a lot of different ways of structuring your breakdown to try and get the most for your price there are two different types of membership that the RAC offer one is personal-based membership and the other is vehicle-based membership. With personal-based membership is the person that you have on the cover that is covered in any vehicle as a driver or passenger. And as the title web suggest vehicle-based cover means that you can nominate a vehicle and then anyone in that vehicle is covered is of the vehicle breaks down the wire who is driving there still covered. Personal cover is more expensive and is probably seen as a little bit more comprehensive as your covered in every single car 24 hours a day seven days a week 365 days a year but you do have to pay little bit extra for personal-based breakdown cover. Usually people who opt for Family cover want the best level of cover and there are other options to RAC cover that you might not be aware of such as RAC European Breakdown cover if you and your family ever travel to mainland EU.

Now if you know your breakdown cover at all you know you can save money by having more than one member on one membership. If you were take out a membership of roadside recovery and home start breakdown cover you be expecting to pay around £150. Suffer two people is going to cost around £300. But if you are take a RAC joint cover you actually only pay hundred and £80. The RAC and AA used have different pricing structures that all of the joint cover. So if you joint cover with fully comprehensive levels of cover is gonna cost more than it would just the roadside assistance in joint cover. The RAC of simplified this incredibly by sender my what level of cover you have if you take a joint membership you only pay £30 mark. To know we have the brief understanding of what joint cover is. Family cover or household cover extends the ability to have more than one person on the membership not just to people in joint cover up to 5 the family cover. This again is is really neat and it’s one more than what the AA offer the art AA offer up to 4 people but the RAC you can have up to 5 the main member and four other members who live in the same household. They set the simple approach to pricing is a do to joint cover and they just have one single fee that you add-on for extending from single personal-based membership to family cover and that’s an extra £80. Which again you could imagine the savings on having five single memberships for breakdown cover that would cost hundred and £50 each it would be £750 but just the family cover you would get that the £210 household breakdown cover from the RAC is a fantastic way of making a saving if you need your whole family protected and you want protected with personal-based membership.

You can even have your kids protected even if they aren’t all enough to drive. This gives access to a peace of mind knowing that if your kids are out with friends are another family for a day trip that they are covered even if the family themselves are not.