European Breakdown Cover

Previously mentioned how much I really enjoy looking at the RAC’s website. Not because of the way it looks and is designed from an artistic point of view but from a usability point of view. It’s so clearly out if you are interested in buying RAC Membership versus just that you gone the website. All the options laid out in front of you you can choose which of the basic options you want and it was automatically update the price on the right.

I will talk about some of the added extras in particular European breakdown cover from the RAC. Most large breakdown organisations offer European breakdown cover in a few different ways. You can buy European breakdown cover for a single trip or you can buy it for the full year. Obviously the four years can be more expensive than single trip but it might be more economical if you can be travelling into and around Europe the few times within the year.

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The something to bear in mind when you go to purchase European cover. And that’s a lot of breakdown providers don’t offer breakdown cover and every single country in Europe. I’ve seen some companies where there only available within 20 countries within Europe selection be a first question are you actually going to be covered for the countries you will be travelling? The good news is the RAC’s European rescue service will cover you in 48 countries in continental Europe. That’s quite a comprehensive range of countries you can see exactly which ones are covered in the terms and conditions. In fact you need to venture very far you can see which countries are cover with a European cover just by clicking on a tab on the website. It will open up and you can see all the countries and the say 48 countries there are definitely quite a few small countries in there that you may not even thought of. The chances are you are gonna cover if you’re travelling to Europe with them but you want to check anyway.

RAC European Breakdowncover

So you know which country you are recovered in people want to know what you will be covered for. So if you vehicle breaks down in a similar procedure as the UK a mechanical quite your car try and fix at the roadside if it can’t be fixed at the roadside you’ll be taken to a local garage in that country and a vehicle will be repaired or repatriated. The RAC with the European cover also cover same or related legal expenses.

So the question now would be how much is European cover as a state before its got a wide range of cover for a lot of different countries so you can expect to pay a little bit the premium for that kind of cover. That means that it can be cheaper than just RAC cover in the UK depending on what level of cover you have. At the moment it’s around £110 for the year.

Again it comes down to having the piece of mind the risks are usually good be higher if you’re in Europe if you’re situated in the UK you can be a lot further away from your home address and probably no less people who can come in all you saw the risk is a little bit greater if you go into Europe especially if you don’t speak the language can be a lot of hassle involved saw the peace of mind is definitely worth considering you will know your own situation and elsewhere the pros and cons from whether it’s worth the extra cost. Make sure you know what you want with your RAC cover look at these RAC membership costs and decide what the appropriate level of cover would be,

You might wonder what’s going to happen if you car can’t be repaired especially the broken down in a foreign country. The RAC will keep you moving you can get your car fixed wire away they can arrange viewing a family and you car to come back to the UK. That’s excellent as a responsible way of dealing with European cover you don’t be taken to the garage and the way the days if you car can’t be repaired for spare parts the coming are whatever the situation may be if you Wanna go home that will bring you home.

They also provide a lot more with European breakdown cover which was gonna talk about quickly now. Obviously the first minute and provide is Roadside assistance in the event of a breakdown in Europe. You can get hire car of up to hundred £25 a day and with a full limit of £1500 that’s better than the higher car are courtesy car you get what you UK. You can also receive overnight accommodation at £50 per person per day and overall and £500. Again fantastic if you’re in the UK breakdown and have RAC onward travel deal only at one nights accommodation. The RAC really recognise the demand the European breakdown cover and in out in Europe you do breakdown you can continue holiday over packets like this you could stay in a hotel for a few days we can’t be repaired and there were no problems. You can get the hire car to £1500 that could leave your holiday as well.

You can even claim on the policy up to 3 times a year. There were spare parts sourcing delivery service included. This is as suggested in the situation above that you need a spare part for your car will take her that value. I also mention that the pin the car back to the UK. The cost of travelling to Europe and collecting the car the RAC will gladly cover.

RAC European breakdown cover looks like a very comprehensive service and it’s probably meet your needs. If it doesn’t make you needs are not shown a breakdown provider can offer a service as comprehensive as that. But always make sure to read the full terms and conditions as they are subject to change what I’ve said here may be a little bit out of date but wasn’t today at the time of writing it.

If you are interested European breakdown cover then the RAC is definitely worth considering