Green flag is the third largest breakdown organisation and it has over 4 million members. Green Flag cover different approach to breakdown and the other two largest rivals the AA and RAC. Green Flag was founded in 1971 to 4 years in a row it won your money’s award for the best direct breakdown provider. What’s levels of cover are similar to those of the AA and the RAC it does have a major difference that it doesn’t have any dedicated patrols it uses what it would describe as local mechanics with local knowledge of the area. Green flags cover is primarily vehicle-based box you can have additional personal cover. The cost of a quote varies upon the type of car the edge and the number of miles driven. This means the court can come out cheaper or more expensive depending on their evaluation of risk

They do offer a unique no claims discount of up to 10% off if you don’t call out during the year there cover covers you 24 hours a day seven days a week 365 days a year. Green flag average response time is 42 minutes. Green Flag are so confident they can get to you within one hour they offer a guarantee that if they don’t you get 50% off next years renewal.
Levels of cover

personal cover covers you in any vehicle within the UK provided that vehicle is less than 16 years old family cover extends the cover up to an additional three members at the same household and travel in the UK once again vehicle needs to be under 16 years old. The difference is green flags personal cover is in addition to vehicle cover whereas other providers it is instead