Winter Driving Tips

Driving is such a common and socially accepted thing these days the belly anyone thinks about the dangers involved. Well not that belly and think about the dangers involved but it’s disproportionate the amount of danger involved in driving is quite large we look at the statistics of injuries it’s far more dangerous than flying but more people think about the dangers of finding the doer driving. We become accustomed to driving so much that sometimes we distance ourselves from the potential dangers and take the granted how safe is.

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As a most things they are not set and the dangerous driving changes amongst the seasons. Whilst it’s dangerous driving in summer spring and autumn the most dangerous times drivers winter. The days are shorter the roads are wet and of course the most dangerous circumstance to driving is when the roads are icy. This was a degrees wet is not good time to drive stars and good but ice is the worst. All varying degrees and the thing that they have in common is the reduction in the coefficient of friction. Lower the friction between you and the road the larger the stopping distance and the less any manoeuvres you do with your car would transfer to actually happen. The main thing you do when driving winter conditions is the spirit more cautious go a little bit slower think further ahead. Gem breakdown have put together a nice guide to help anyone driving in winter. The figure driving in winter is at some point it has to be your first time driving in the snow or your first time driving the ice. End realistically it might be better to be experiencing it sooner rather than later if you been driving first say 10 years and you never experienced driving snow then you are can have a lot of habits and everything about driving is Polly going to run on autopilot worse if you knew it’s driving and you experience it you still in the situation where you learning and feeling how things feel when you drive. So why trace a is just because you’re an experienced driver doesn’t mean you can reveal less at risk if it’s first time driving in snow they may actually be an argument for saying that you’re more risk as your habits are harder to change and you might driving a more casual manner than Sony’s newest driving who’s going be more wary about in those conditions.

Winter driving tips from GEM

Gem motoring assist also acknowledged that the majority of breakdowns happen in wintertime as well so make sure if you don’t have any breakdown cover that you want to get someone you definitely want cover in winter the most frequent reasons for cars not working in winter is flat batteries and tyre problems. Tours make sure those are looked after. Anyway don’t talk too much about breakdown cover an outbreak breakdown cover I Wanna talk about Jens winter driving tips.

The winters become far less political in the UK and it’s definitely more challenging driving conditions in winter than any other time. The best thing to do is be prepared as possible the holiday Gem offer a neat little video on their website about winter driving tips they also offer driving courses where you can drive on skid pads and you will replicate the feeling the driving in snow and ice. These can be excellent for anyone who is a little bit in experience and once experience it first-hand without being in a situation where there are repercussions for any mistakes they make. The video that the produce on the website also link in here was actually produced by the charity that gem run. The video just on the four minutes and it looks at the reasons why we lose control on snow surfaces it also offers sensible and practical measures that will help you driving snow conditions like losing a trolley car. That is largest danger driving in the snow or ice is losing control of your car. You need to think about other things such as keeping your windscreen clear and making sure there’s enough windscreen wiper fluid in your car and you wipe is working correctly. Don’t drive your vehicle if it still got snow on the roof make sure you clear it because this can freeze turning to ice and if you driving on the motorway blow off and it could hit the car behind your with quite some force. Also when you driving in snow don’t forget to remove any snow from your headlights and put in a shovel a blanket and some food just in case you are stuck for a while in your boots these practical preparations.

The best thing to do is look at the video that gem put together increase your learning and understanding are driving in winter conditions and should remember that failing to prepare is preparing to fail.