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Gem Assist Breakdown offer two different types of breakdown cover. The way they do breakdown cover is very different from the AA and the RAC. The don’t have different levels for what you might want they have to different types of cover but the both offer the same type a level. The both offer a service that claims to be equivalent to fully comprehensive cover from the RAC and AA. So putting aside the actual service you will receive because that can change from company to company what you covered for should be the same so that the roadside assistance home start a recovery and onward travel. Which is conference of cover if you look at what the AA and RAC are offering.

The way that is different is in the way that you pay. With just the recovery the cheaper option you have to pay for the costs of the breakdown recovery yourself and then you can later claim back from gem motoring assist. With recovery extra you don’t have to pay anything in the breakdown situation. You have to pay little bit more further membership but you don’t have to pay and then reclaim later. So the recovery extra option is if you want them to take everything including Bill gem will also with recovery extra arrange the category covered in fine you a good garage. So this is people don’t mind a little bit more upfront.

Recovery extra is also the most popular breakdown cover that Gem motoring assist offer. And it’s usually £100 for a single personal cover. You can extended it to two people for £130 which is quite a saving you have a save £70 over taking out to individual gem breakdown cover is. From then you can extend the free people from £180 and also four people for £180. Full of people that might not make sense getting for people covered in the same price as three people but it’s their family cover so it’s for free for people that’s what you just going to have to pay.

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As stated previously it’s personal-based cover so you be covered in any vehicle as a driver or passenger. This also a few nice things are real likewise cover so it’s not that you can be covered in any car you also covered from motorcycle which a lot of other breakdown cover companies don’t actually cover. Extending from that you not just covered the cars and motorcycle cover but also cover the vans as long its gross weight is less than 2500 kg and you also covered the cars towing a caravan or a small trailer.

As always thought check the terms and conditions time when you buy the cover is will be subject to change from now and then. So as you cover far is if your home you vehicle want start or it stops working just around Ghana can phone and you can receive home assistance and alluvial fix their attack is a local garage. The also receive roadside assistance which is just assistance anywhere within the UK and it’s the same again if your vehicle can’t fixed you be taken to a garage. If you car can’t fix their roadside then the take to a local garage are you can take you and your vehicle up seven passengers to anywhere you want in the UK to you might Wanna go home and go to a garage there.

GEM recovery Extra

If you’re so far from home they can arrange overnight accommodation if you like to stay in a hotel or you can arrange onward travel for your if you need to get back on to ask the original destination. Remember gem don’t is cover you for breakdowns but also accidents and drivers illness which is fantastic it is to kill to drive can claim and breakdown cover.

If you need more information make sure to visit the site. This act incredibly easy to navigate and full of information. A quick note on most prices of personal cover though all people must live at the same address. GEM also offer breakdown advice and tips for all members regardless of which level of cover you take out.