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We briefly talked about the members area on their Gem motoring breakdown website on this page here. Where you can access a few different things from your computer such as the mobile app for gem motoring assist and all are claim forms and the off another option to refer a friend and get £20 Marks & Spencer’s voucher. In the article I also remember that lots of member benefits that you might not know about.

That is what and talk about here they additional benefits you can get from joining Gem motoring assist. Summaries are quite useful and be worthwhile remembering that you are entitled to quite a lot of discount in many different places if you are a member of Gem motoring assist. In fact is Polly little bit more accurate to say a lot of places rather than quite a few places. Talk about each of the member benefits.

It makes sense a lot of the benefits you can receive are about travel and motoring. The first the game is discounts on airport parking and hotels which is fantastic if you gonna be travelling abroad any time soon are within the year all these benefits are gonna be applicable during your years membership Gem motoring assist Boris they are subject to change. Airport parking offer is 15% off airport some parking using the company APH can book

Best breakdown provider

the next thing that really Manchester is very popular is European breakdown cover. That site stated within the member benefits I would like to note that it is don’t actually get European breakdown cover with Gem motoring assist you can get discounted European breakdown cover as a member. They can offer you Euro plus a discounted European breakdown cover with travel insurance specialist PJ Heymann you can save up to 10% and get a quote directly from the gem motoring assist website if you follow the links in the members area prices the European cover can be as low as £10.60.

Gem breakdown cover also offer outstanding deals on caravan insurance and camping insurance. It can make sense really need expect it from her Gem motoring assist the really quite trying offers many perks and benefits as possible you can get touring caravan insurance as little as £48 and 10 and camping insurance for under £15 can also get relevant 10 insurance and static caravan insurance. These all come with a discount for being gem member.

You can also get 10% off travel insurance. Is the same company that offer caravan insurance PJ Heymann & Co and been the complete range of travel insurance. Transfer peace and protection for individuals leisure holidays business trips and most medical costs. Make sure to check out this part the website if you are interested each individual type of travel insurance you can get cover for will have its own terms and conditions and you can have links that you can click directly to get a quote with a specific been you’re interested in you can find more information here

you also get free accident management service which were talk talked about briefly on another section. So you need to build to distinguish difference between being involved in a road traffic accident and a breakdown. If you are road traffic accident you can phone Gem analogy specialist give you advice you can do this at the scene you can even arrange the recovery vehicle. But you will need car insurance in any of claims that are made will have to go for your actual insurance but gem will offer advice and being a little bump our big crash can be very nerve wracking thing so it’s handy to build scholarly get some expert free advice.

Of course and it’s no surprise really that Gem also offer actual more insurance. If you’re new member GEM insurance you can gain a 30 introductory discount of £25 off your quote.

Breakdown Cover Price
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Adjust Quote
Level of Cover: Roadside Who's Covered: Personal (single)
Relay/Recovery Joint
Homestart Family
Onward Travel Vehicle

This also 10% off vehicle inspections 10% off more legal services health insurance medical services and home insurances. Any kind of insurance that you can think of you can probably get a little discount by using gems insurance services are one of the partners.

It doesn’t stop there though there is also a utility warehouse where you can buy everyday consumables and make significant savings with Gem motoring assist can also had skid car courses which can teach you life-saving skills by driving on ice and snow. Expanding on that, and how much protection you may consider yourself behind the wheel your driving skills of diminished you can have driver assessment from Gem discount rate you can also get key protection insurance which is never to be overlooked at the price of a modern key to be replaced it seriously worth considering you can also phone phone technical queries car hire and motorcycle cover.

That’s a lot of benefits the membership you can get on a comprehensive level for around £80. It’s no wonder that gem breakdown cover is been awarded so many times been the best breakdown cover company available UK.