Membership Area

Gem motoring assist have a members area. So when you join up and you pay the breakdown cover you have access to your members area but what exactly is going to be in there?

Well which is briefly going to look through what exactly is in there. The main part of members area you got a choice of six different places to go. The first is if you’ve had a breakdown you can click on find the emergency number of Gem motoring assist. They have the existing member enquiry or an emergency breakdown helpline claim enquiries accident management assistant helpline and a line for advice and technical motoring. So little bit more than just your existing members enquiry to cough breakdowns. There are some that are not there though the this breakdown line the isn’t for current members. But it’s more likely that you can have to pay for a service charge of joining the breakdown situation. Never way to you breakdown for you get breakdown cover. Always have some level of cover is you can save you money long.

The next option is the accident management tab. So if you had an accident even minor bumps if you are unsure you can give them a ring. I don’t you’ve ever been in road traffic accident yourself like it says even a minor bump you can be really nervous and think about it.  it can cost hundreds of pounds even if it’s a minor bump and there is no visible damage this can still be damaged on inside the car and do that position sometimes people be thinking much as drive of the of visible damage this is something you can just phone up and ask them what’s the best thing to do. Any queries involving road traffic accident’s if you are unsure you give them a call. The line is 24 seven and basically if you’ve had a road accident with gem you never can be a lawn you can call them on 03453700945

is refer a friend which is quite any little thing to have in their. This means that if you tell someone else at Gem assist in the things gradient go ahead with it gem will give you a £20 Marks & Spencer’s voucher if they go ahead and purchased the the cover. If you are unsure about GEM or recommending a friend read some of the GEM motoring reviews.

Gem membership area

Mobile app the next item in the members area is the mobile up. Obviously keep up with the technological age you want to build to use an app going to the mobile app and a little bit more detail on this page. But very basically it’s in at the using your smart phone that will incorporate a lot of different functions and information of regarding Gem motoring assist.

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Level of Cover: Roadside Who's Covered: Personal (single)
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The fifth type is a claim form uses if you can have recovery reclaim This is if you are not a recovery extra member. So this for the members to go for the cheaper option of cover where you pay up front in a breakdown situation for any costs and then you reclaim it back afterwards this is the form that you going to fill out.

And the final thing in the area is the good motoring magazine. You might what the good motoring magazine exactly as an excellent bit self-explanatory is a magazine e-book format you can download this can have lots of tips and advice frequently updated and its can improve your motoring experience.

Only are all these options available to the members area is also a lot of member benefits that you might not even know about gonna talk about member benefits here