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GEM have been overtaken a bit more of a personal approach to breakdown cover. The don’t Wanna be seen as the big organisation it’s only after your money you like to be seen as one who is going to relate to you on the level as a one-to-one customer service relationship. The don’t even think of you as a customer they want to think of you as a member.

Remember that Gem motoring assist do offer breakdown cover and it’s probably the most recognised and successful service but the did started 932 as a motorist safety Association. And this is still the angle the try to bring to the company now it’s about road safety. When you take out breakdown cover with Gem motoring assist you automatically become a member of the Association. But you can also become a member benefit from all the perks of been a member actually buying breakdown cover.

I don’t know any other breakdown organisation that does this. There may be but not aware of. I think this really distinguishes how serious Gem motoring assist are that you are not a customer but you actually a member of the Association. Because they will offer you membership to the Association without actually having to buy the breakdown cover. You can still receive all their tips and guides like breakdown prevention and winter driving as well as having access to calling them for their advice anytime.

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Now this brings us to next point why would you want do this how much is it and what would you actually get from doing this. The first thing you’d like to know is that if you remember the you can enjoy the support and advice from gem motoring assistance and there experience from dealing with motoring queries and safety of eight years.

You also have access to their up which is available at the App Store and android marketplace

GEM member without breakdown cover

another massively comprehensive perk of having Jen membership is that you can receive wide range of discounts available on lots of different services. Primarily these are gonna be travel and insurance related services such as travel insurance. Will offer you template discount travel insurance if you go with certain different companies that their partner with or discounts on airport parking.

You also receive the quarterly magazine’s good morning and also email newsletters. You should really look at GEMS faqs if you want to know more about all of their policies

you also have access to their free accident management service which would be the thoughts on before. So if you’re an accident you can phone us for advice. This can be very invaluable as if you have a small bump and you not sure exactly what to do whether to phone the authorities let people more I just assume everything is okay you can phone them first and make sure you get through all the procedures to make sure you have all bases covered.

The price if you not have any breakdown cover and use want Jen membership is late £20 for a single person and and £22 far 2 to 4 people all the same family