How does GEM add up?

Now let’s get brutally honest for one moment nobody wants to spend any money on breakdown cover. It is that is all something that you never hope you going to use. So pave something that you never use doesn’t sound like an appealing idea the best of times. That’s in fact why this website exists because we like to compare breakdown cover and inform you about breakdown cover to try make sure that you get the right cover you need the best price you can find.

Breakdown cover with GEM is one of our options and for a good reason really they offer a great service for an extremely competitive price. We don’t advertise anywhere near as aggressively as the AA or RAC but the are bit cheaper and the quite proud the matter. Is not always a simple case of they are cheaper go with them while they may compare the different levels of cover are similar to the AA and RAC there are differences in the cover unlike to cheaper. As you can see below from the snippet from the Sunday mail they are No1 for breakdown cover. They are a commonly seen as a great breakdown cover provider and have won many awards for their breakdown cover.

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One the major differences is that the AA and RAC have their own dedicated patrols with Gem motoring assist actually don’t have many of the road dedicated branded patrol vehicles they use other local mechanics and have a network of local mechanics with breakdown it will be a mechanic from your local area that will come see you rather than a dedicated marked patrol car. Now for some people this might be the thing some people might be a bad thing at gonna get into the details and intricacies of art to attract now Wanna look at what they are comparing on the website.

They openly admit on their website that is difficult to compare and do across analysis of different companies because of different packages and there are slight variations such as what different levels cover exactly example Gem motoring assist with personal cover you not covered in any vehicle as a passenger you covered only as a passenger vehicle you own whereas with the AA you cover the driver or passenger and that can be a big difference that can mean the difference between receiving breakdown cover not receive breakdown cover. I would like to point out that door with Gem motoring assist is personal-based cover and you are covered person in any vehicle that you are a driver of. But not always as a passenger saw again maybe it’s a little bit more comprehensive in your little bit more protected with the AA are the RAC but you are can appear bigger premium from it so what you need to do is think about which situations you can find something which will covers your demands the best. If gem motoring assist cover your demands exactly what you need and it can deliver a cheaper price than that is the option for you.

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What they offer you the comparison is a quick glance but not Mattel you can you should look more closely at what every pulse includes and what it does include. Just remember it’s not like the light but it does give you the closest comparison possible for your prices for them. They also like to point out that there are other breakdown companies that want quite to you if you run out of you will art you put the wrong kind of fuel in your vehicle if you get a flat battery are you losing keys some companies actually put limits on how many times gets call out and others also change premium make it more expensive depending on how old your vehicle is. Stephanie best to look at more than just the price you need to know what exactly are covered for.

That means that we gender are no complications the cover it’s exactly the same every time you don’t need to add things are remove them you can get roadside assistance, home assistance, national recovery and onward travel options for a single person. You can see the prices up-to-date prices on our own website I will look at their website too much the prices of the AA and RAC because, how often get updated I was usually updated very frequently. So if you Wanna compare breakdown cover between gem the AA and the RAC user quick look table on this page