Everybody knows about the two big brands of breakdown cover in the UK. You could pretty much do show anyone a big yellow van with two black letters on the side and said you not this is an are gonna say yes it’s part the AA breakdown cover. And the second said about the RAC both brands are hugely recognisable and have been established for a long time. Everyone knows the AA and the RAC and the other tremendous history.

Gem assist motoring is a less well-known brand and therefore you keep safe to assume that they don’t have much of a history are the quite a new breakdown service provider. However that couldn’t be further from the truth. Gem was founded many years ago in 1936. The story of how the naturally came to form was that the founder of the original Gem motoring assist was driving on his way to me as friends in 1932 when he was involved in the near miss the young man a in a sports car. Then talking with some of his friends at the bar they formed a club that encouraged care, courtesy and concentration on the roads. This wasn’t given the gem brand right then it was known as the company of veteran motorists.

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So Gem been around for over 80 years even though they were initially called that and there are many changes in motoring habits and past 80 years and GEM further on parts to try and improve road safety and actually run a charity that continues to do so. Although the don’t stay stagnant they definitely move with the times but still adhere to the open spools which is to give members a good service sound advice keep them safe on the road. It wasn’t until 1983 that the change the name from the company of veteran motorists to the Guild of experience motorists are the acronym which will be more familiar with Gem. They launch their breakdown service in 1978 and a look back. And they steadily become an ever-increasing popular brand to choose when it comes to breakdown cover. They have the right mix of the competitive pricing structure and a reputable brand. The don’t put as much money into marketing as they were too large breakdown organisations but these savings are pushed onto the customer. Gem have an FAQ‘s section on their website that should answer any questions or you can read our FAQ’s about GEM breakdown.

GEM van parked outside

GEMUK based organisation and pride themselves on providing a friendly reliable and responsive service when you need it most. They have access to over 5000 recovery vehicles spread throughout the UK and again pride themselves on being the provide efficient service, where you are in the UK.

Auto express name them as the U.K.’s on one breakdown cover provider in 2013. Auto express an independent magazine which collected information from survey. This gone on since then to win many different breakdown awards and repeatedly win which car magazines breakdown cover provider the year multiple years running.

While Gem are most recognisable and well-known for providing breakdown cover did don’t just exclusively provide that as the name would suggest and the history also suggests that they are about road safety there are enthusiasts of better motoring. As they put it there are a champion of a wide range of road safety activities which includes conferences award schemes and research. They also have a charity of support National local road safety campaigns. If you want and how big they are they have over 75,000 members and a growing. They believe in complete transparency and they have annual reports the can read on the gem story part of the webpage which can access here