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Gem motoring assist offer a lot of advice and safety guides it is a parole where the organisation started back in the early 1930s. Not much is changes still adhere to the same principles and are involved in a lot of road safety acts. There might main primary goal was always and still is to increase safety on the roads. The do provide breakdown cover but that was only introduced in the 1980s. So they like to adhere to the business model which is primarily about helping motorists.

There is a whole section on the site dedicated to travel in Europe and is going to quickly look at what they offer what type of advisories. Obviously because one the United Kingdom our units do is travel through the Channel Tunnel and you doubt Europe. Ever since Channel tunnels introduce it’s a lot more easy to get your vehicle of their and continue driving in mainland Europe. With that he is it also becomes lot more frequent and if you are one these visitors who is going to be driving around Europe the few things you need to know.

europian breakdown cover with GEM

Probably the first thing you need to know is that most of the countries drive on the opposite side of the road. This can be quite a pain because it’s breaking a habit of a lifetime if you’ve just been driving the UK then it’s going to feel very strange and at times you might even find yourself driving on your native side of the road which would obviously be the wrong side of the road. You need to keep attention all the time keep thinking eagles driving around side the road. Instinctively it’s can be very strange and it’s going to feel dangerous to you to keep mindful and in control of the vehicle at all times. The other thing to consider is that when you driving on the other side the road and you only UK car you can be further away from the centre of the road. We drive on left-hand side the road in the UK were seated in the right hand side the car. In mainland Europe when the German the right hand side the road this season the left-hand side of the car. So this can put you further at the side of the road so for example some problems it may cause is seen obstruction to head are parallel parking getting in and out of spaces you might even be better asking a passenger to keep an eye on incoming traffic for an indication of when it’s going to be free but never solely rely on somebody else you need to build to see make decisions based on your own perception.

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Gem outlines some of the tips for travelling. Obviously, breakdown cover provider you can expect one the first tips to be get your car serviced regularly few travelling to Europe. And that’s true. The car you going to be driving you want to make sure that everything is intact and that cards tyres of plenty of tread as water and oil in the car and the levels are topped up. Also check your headlights before you travel you might need to get been converses as in the UK you headlights don’t go straightforward is a slightly to the left see don’t dazzle people at the other side the road you need to have these change across point in the other direction. These were bought at feral terminals or at a garage near their but you should pull a get a quote first as prices going to vary depending upon the car. You also need a GB you play are a GB plate so bed I mind you may need different plate for your car. Also take your vehicle registration document review but don’t leave in the car. If you car is more than three years old you should also take your MOT certificate to show that it’s passed its MOT. It’s also good idea that your insurance certificate and the contact details of your insurance company just in case you would need to call them. Depending on which country you driving to should use gems website to see which countries have specific requirements. For example if you driving in France is required legally to have a reflective jacket that is accessible from the driver seat sequence store this in the boot. Also another little tip that the recommend to remind yourself you have on the right would be something like put in a post-it note on the steering wheel that says drive on the right. If safety is also your concern you should read about winter driving safety where we briefly look at some of the advice GEM give about driving in the winter.

You can get gems ultimate driving Europe guide here though they do point out that ultimately no matter what they tell you tips and advice the responsibility still lies a new to make sure that you comply with the specific countries laws. I was the gem can’t be held it responsible for any inaccuracies if anything has been recently updated in the countries that you driving.