The Guild of experience motorists of why not otherwise known as Gem has been around quite well probably longer than you know. They were renamed in 1983 which is why you might be familiar with the brand name Gem or you may be if you’ve got a little bit of knowledge within the motoring industry I maybe been recommended to them by a friend is one the fastest growing breakdown organisations. This is mostly because of word-of-mouth and people in social media and forums on the Internet where you can talk about having a good experience breakdown cover provider like Gem. Rather than purely relying on advertising fees like the AA and RAC are green flag do you have add very aggressive advertising campaigns if you remember green flag use other than doing a jump over a bridge. Gem motoring assist hasn’t as long as I am aware had any adverts on national television.

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They have however been around for a long time since 1936. As you might not have heard of them that you might have frequently asked questions. If you got the website they also have a frequently asked question section and you can briefly touch on a few them here.

The first question which you may have already asked yourself and I have kind of answered it in this article are ready is how long has Gem motoring assist been in existence? Originally but under a different name Gem was founded in 1932 and it’s been providing breakdown cover to the members since 1978. So it’s definitely not a brand-new breakdown organisation and it’s got over 75,000 members.

GEM Breakdown cover

The next most frequently asked question or the next one on the frequently asked questions page is do you cover the member are vehicle? A lot of breakdown cover providers especially the two big ones offer you the option between getting personal-based cover or vehicle-based cover. If it’s personal-based cover you as a person are covered in any vehicle if it vehicle-based cover the new nominate one specific vehicle. With Gem motoring assist your covered personally and you are eligible to receive breakdown cover in any vehicle as long as you travelling as a passenger or driver. Actually that might not be to clear there are a lot of different you covered personally in any vehicle if you’re driving and you covered as a passenger in any vehicle that spawned by you as well. Such personal-based breakdown cover but not if you are a passenger in somebody else’s car. They also give lots of advice as they are still interested in road safety they offer some great winter car breakdown advice.

The next frequently asked question is. What are eligible vehicles?

Any private car or van with a gross weight up to 2500 kg. The also and this is quite a nice bonus from other breakdown cover providers they also provide break down systems for motorcycles. More caravans and motorhomes are also covered if they’ve got a gross weight under 3500 kg and don’t exceed 7 m in length and 2.3 m in width..

After that it gets a little bit more technical and they ask where can you find a gross vehicle weight of your van. This was the changes from vehicle to vehicle and they offer you a link to tell you where you can find out more information. You might own also knife your caravan or trailer is covered and in general circumstances is if you breakdown if you got trailer are a small caravan and it’s be used for private purposes is green to the same service as the actual vehicle itself. If you wondering if is an age limit on vehicles covered in the scheme as a quick answer is no.

You might and probably do have your own questions about GEM and the one you are probably going to ask is how does it measure up to other breakdown companies? well you can see their price in our chart above but that doesn’t tell the whole picture. You can read about GEM’s comparing GEM breakdown cover.