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We are living in the technological era and it makes sense to leverage technology everywhere possible to try and deliver the best service no matter what vertical you are working in. It’s no wonder that breakdown cover providers such as Gem breakdown cover offer apps that you can use on your smart phone to deliver a lot of information that can allow transparent communication between you the member and gem the organisation.

The gem motoring up is free for members and can stay quit look at here and some of the benefits it can bring. If you are a member of Gem motoring assist your mobile phone you should definitely get the app is can streamline a lot of potential issues when dealing breakdown cover.

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It offers extra peace of mind and serve else download in the App Store the Apple phones and also the android marketplace. Immediately the first thing you think of an the most useful thing you can think of for up in a breakdown situation is that it can give you direct location to the breakdown organisation. So it’s either surprisingly this is one the app’s primary functions. One of its so-called selling points even though it’s free. If you find yourself in a breakdown situation you can just open the app press a button that says you in a breakdown and it will contact Gem motoring assist and give them your exact location.

That’s not all the app can do. That means if you do breakdown you just go to assist me part. After that you can either select that you are in a breakdown you had a road traffic accident. And then need to do is press the call my button and it will directly put you in contact with an operator and then you can tell exactly where you are to will be on the way. The app actually shows your location so it’s easy few to sell them exactly where you are. If you at road traffic accident can also help you with the claims of procedures that are involved. The app is shown below.

GEM mobile APP

Another part of the app that you can log into is traffic updates. Then you can see any traffic events your location and also any alerts anywhere in the UK. There will be pens in the road if there’s any incidents and you can click on a pin to get extra details about the specific incidents.

You can also deal with your renewals there on the application. Is to sip my renewals and it will tell you exactly how many days are left on your renewal and how the renewal will be to.

There is also my Gem application part the button which will take you directly to the members area gems more assist website.

Is a pretty simplistic App but definitely something to get if you’re gem motoring assist breakdown cover. If you have never heard of GEM motoring assist you may be suprised they have been around since 1932. You can read all about Gem motoring history if you would like to know more.