Award winning breakdown cover

Even though Gem Assist have been around since the 1930s and providing breakdown cover since the 1980s there still a lesser-known brand and mostly that is due to the not advertising on the same scale as the AA or RAC are even green flag. Not only that but you never really see a gem recovery cart out on the road. Are very frequently and this because most of their patrols are on branded patrol cars. Do usually use local garages rather than their own dedicated patrol. You might be wondering why you do this but one the reasons is to keep cost down obviously costs a lot more if you have your own vehicles which needs keeping condition yourself as a company. So they don’t have branded vehicles as you want to save money and reflect that in the price membership to yourselves. And if you look at the prices they certainly do keep to that business model.

So the only real issue is if you not really her them you might not know if there are any good are not. And with breakdown cover we can be left in really dangerous precarious situations at the side the road you really don’t take the risk with someone who doesn’t know the doing artist can be hours late. It’s not worth the risk to go with a cowboy company and not receive the service that you would expect. To be honest is Polly why the AA and RAC have such high retention rate of 99%.

Gem breakdown, best breakdown cover provider

But this is the modern era and is a lot more consumer transparency. Anyone who uses a product or service can simply go online and has access to many platforms in which leader review. If you go to forums or websites that deal with consumer issues or even their own social media profiles and write reviews. So if you could provide a good service people are to provide a bad service people certainly know there’s no escaping it.

So if you look a little bit into the wards that Gem assist of one you be surprised for a little known company comparatives to other breakdown companies that one trend towards receive amazing reviews from thousands of customers.

Gem motoring assist is award-winning breakdown cover. And it’s one awards from de facto which car magazine and auto express which was the drivers poll were members of the public voted on which breakdown service a fault was the best and Gem motoring assist one. Which car magazine recommend them for quite a few years running now. The frequently one many awards for the best breakdown cover. They provide breakdown cover for both motor bikes and classic cars. Visit the highlighted pages if you need more information.

Going back to the auto express driver power survey the magazine asked people the ask which was the best breakdown cover they’ve had and use answers from the own experiences of the past six years and Gem was voted the number one overall service auto express is a specific driver orientated magazine entire the time readers happily recommend gem car breakdown cover. This proves again that gem have been favour with the public for breakdown cover of a lot of the other breakdown providers proving that biggest is not always best.

Every year we’ve been following gem or assistive awarded five stars from de facto magazine the breakdown cover. Five stars means it’s an excellent product with a comprehensive range of features and benefits.