Gem motoring assist may not be the household brand that the RAC are the AA are and it may shock you to know that they have been around providing breakdown cover since 1932, but operated under a different name “the company of veteran motorists”. It wasn’t until 1983 when they change their name to the Guild of experience motorists as we know them now. They offer a similar business model as green flag in the way that they don’t have dedicated patrols like the AA and the RAC. Instead, they use 1400 selected recovery operators. This is their claim helps keep premium down as they don’t have to buy branded vehicles and uniform patrols. Gem motoring assist one the recommended provider from which dot-coms survey the breakdown service 2012 will also one auto expresses overall service for the past three years.

Breakdown Cover Price
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Level of Cover: Roadside Who's Covered: Personal (single)
Relay/Recovery Joint
Homestart Family
Onward Travel Vehicle


he levels of cover that jam offer are completely different to the AA RAC and green flag. You cannot pick and choose specific elements of cover you have fully comprehensive cover and you choose how many people you want it to cover. The only option you have is whether you want them to cover all the costs of the repair and recovery or you’re willing to pay up front and then reclaim off them letter. If you choose to reclaim option the premium is usually around £20 cheaper.

Gem assist’s comprehensive breakdown cover includes roadside assistance, recovery, home assistance and onward travel. As previously stated, there breakdown cover quote cannot add or remove these aspects of cover its all-inclusive. Gem motoring assist have an average response time of 40 min and offer cover 24 hours a day, 365 days a year there cover vehicles of any age cars and small farms motorbikes classic vehicles for any breakdown situation, including running out of fuel, flat batteries, punctured tyres are even drivers illness. The cover is personal and your covered in any vehicle within the UK excluding public and private hire vehicles minibuses or trucks. When expanding the cover more than one person. All applicants must live at the same address.